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Alex Cary, MA

Leadership Coaching 

 for Global Impact

Alex Cary
"Whether you're new to your role, or have walked
the path of high-level leadership for years --
our work together elevates mastery and fulfillment
in both your personal and professional life."



As a coach I act as a thinking partner in the world of my client, a second set of eyes.

Together we clarify vision and align actions with the highest aspect of your human potential, your true north star

As a result you create the change you wish to see, and lead those around you toward that change.

"Don't ask what the world needs.

  Ask what makes you come alive and go do it.

  Because what the world needs is people who

  have come alive."  -- Dr. Howard Thurman 

"As I try to sum up what my coaching journey with Alex has been, the word inner peace came to mind. Alex came to me at a time when my career was in a rocket ship trajectory crossing over from mid-level leadership into executive leadership.  
Moving so quickly one tends to forget that it is in the slowing down when BIG CREATIVE IDEAS and INNOVATION is found. Alex knows how to precisely lean into a feeling, a word, and dissect the root cause giving you a new perspective that always leaves me reflecting and growing within every session. 
Alex has provided me with guidance, resources, and application techniques that go beyond our coaching and I will take with me for the rest of my life. 
Alex is part cheerleader, truth teller and guide to unlock your true potential."
-- E. Mesa, VP Media Strategy & Planning, Univision
Business Meeting

Executive Coaching

A thinking partnership that gets you where you want to go. Find clarity in internal dynamics, identify strengths and develop your brand of personal and professional mastery.

High Fives

Team Building

Getting your team on the same page. Find clarity in team dynamics, identify strengths and develop a wholly unique team playbook that moves everyone forward together.



To teach, motivate or inspire. Topics range from Authentic Leadership to Effective Communications. All talks are customized to serve the audience in direct and effective ways. 

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