The "Getting to Work" Coaching Clinic

Access the power of coaching every week with the "Getting to Work" Coaching Clinic. It's effective, affordable and all about getting to work, san distractions.


Participants are saying, 


"It's richer to do this work with others, there's

lots of learning and lots of growth." 


"Clinic is my stake in the ground, every Wednesday

I know where I'm going to be." 


"The workbook is simple and accessible...

a beautiful, winning formula!"


Cultivate your professional practice with the Coaching Clinic. Meeting each week we are collectively in service to removing your barriers, revealing your blessings and setting you up so that you are making your meaningful contribution to the world, at last. Have you ever been distracted by feelings of lack, whether it be of time, money or confidence? Do you long to be a contributor to the greater good with the work you do but find yourself getting in the way? No more. The Coaching Clinic takes care of that.


I wish I'd had this when I was first starting out; discouraged by my progress, stuck in my head and definitely in my own way, I really needed the power of a trained coach to walk me out of the dark. The struggle is optional. 


The Details


  • What: Powerful coaching for you and your business, so you can get back to work 


  • Why: Because you're here to make your meaningful contribution to the world, sans distractions


  • When:  

    • @ US/Europe Section: Wednesday's from 9-10am PST (12pm Eastern / 17:00 U.K. / 18:00 Central Europe) 

    • ​@ US/Asia Pacific Section: Monday's from 5-6pm PST (8pm Eastern / 09:00 Hong Kong / 12:00 Australia)​. 


  • How: Lasered coaching calls, focusing on you and your business


  • Plus: Private FB page for ample support 


  • Investment: $225/month


Your Results


  • Better Focus: illuminate a clear path, do what really needs to get done

  • Effective Sounding Board: Direct access to a trained coach with over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and creative

  • Support & Community: Learn from the collective, if you have a question, issue or block -- it's more than likely that someone else does as well -- this clinic is your chance to learn from others wisdom and triumphs 


This is for you if...


  • You are ready to create something outside your comfort zone, and aren't afraid to stretch.

  • You are action prone

  • You are looking for direction, rather than a theoretical discussion of what you "could" do...someday.


The Coaching Clinic isn't for everyone. However, if you are seeking consistent support in service to your transformation, click below to start your enrollment process. The value of your membership is guaranteed, and you may discontinue at any time.


It's my belief that no one needs coaching.


Coaching is for people who want it. This person is seeking to create effective and lasting change, for the better. If this is you, contact me today to see if there's a spot in the Coaching Clinic that is right for you.