Welcome to the Coaching Clinic

Congratulations! To set the tone for a successful and safe environment where all can gather and grow, please read and agree to the attached. 






Call-in Details:

  • We meet every Wednesday from 9:00 - 10:00am Pacific 

  • Dial 712.432.1500, then enter access code 247037#


By signing up you have agreed to the following, which are outlined in the attached Standards of Presense:


I agree to: 

  • Maintain confidentiality

  • Adopt a beginners mind

  • Practice a postive focus

  • Connect at the heart with respect

  • Claim my own experience

  • Listen deeply and with honor

  • Share authentically

  • Receive acknowledgement and support

  • Practice self-care and self-responsiblity

  • Be fully present

  • Mute my phone if I am unable to control the background noise


Our format: 

  1. Centering 

  2. Read Standards of Presense & Group Etiquette

  3. "Getting to Work" Weekly Entry 

  4. Open coaching

  5. Action Steps


It is my intention and commitment to provide you with great value as a member of the Coaching Clinic. If at any time you feel you are not receiving value or have a concern, you agree to contact me directly. 


You are welcome to discontinue at any time. However, please note, there are no refunds for partially used months. 


Here's to your ultimate success!

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