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  • Would you like to experience the peace-of-mind that comes from having a clear path toward your goals of purpose and prosperity?
  • Are you ready to run your business, like a business (clear mission, happy clients, happy you, thriving salary and all)?
  • Is 2016 the time you'll take your business to the next level?




Then this program may be for you. Join us in creating a well-laid business plan using the twelve key facets of running a business like a business. The use of this plan, or playbook, as your daily "go-to" results in a way of running your business with a clear head, free hands and an open heart -- essentially, what the professional solopreneur needs to succeed.


Think of your playbook as a sacred structure through which you can shine your natural given talents and gifts, as each facet is carefully polished. The Professional Women's Business Bootcamp is the ultimate playground where you'll bring high levels of creativity, attunement and joy -- all in service to supporting you on all levels so you can ultimately be about the business of making your meaningful contribution to the world. I can't think of anything better.




"With Bootcamp I feel like I'm well on my way." -- Photographer


"The Business Bootcamp has given me the strength and clarity to

elevate my business to the next level." -- Life & Business Coach


“Without this work, I am sure I would not have

moved forward." -- Graphic Designer

Running a Business: My Story


My background is as a solopreneur for the past 15 years; first as a professional interior designer on three continents, then as an internationally established life and business coach. In my experience, I can tell you two things; no two businesses are alike and they should be treated as such. They are unique expressions of the work as it manifests through the individual. As no two businesses are alike, no two playbooks should be alike either. Yet, we're taught to follow a cookie-cutter approach and wonder why the "plan" sits on the shelf or is lost in a folder on our hard drive. Then we wing-it.


I know this because I've been there. 


This need not be the case. Welcome to the Business Bootcamp -- where you will give a clear voice to the way in which you bring your work to the world -- all done through a step-by-step process of illuminating the twelve key facets of your business. We'll work together in a loving, sacred structure. It is my belief that your personalized playbook can be a joyful prayer of thanksgiving between You and Your Creator for all the world to benefit.  



About Me: 


I am a certified Professional Coach with a Masters in Spiritual Psychology. I’ve had over fifteen years of entrepreneurial experience as an internationally established interior designer and consultant, establishing and operating firms in San Francisco & Hong Kong, servicing clients from Switzerland to Hollywood.


Now I coach professional men and women from all over the world who are keen to live into their Life's Work as a way of fulfilling themselves while making a meaningful contribution to the world. When I’m not leading groups or coaching individuals, I can be found playing with my family; romping through art galleries with my husband, swimming with our 4-year-old, or planning our next yummy meal!

For an experience of the work, click here:

If Now, How? One-sheet Business Plan - Alex Cary
"The 12-key facets of the Playbook
are like a diamond...and the
Professional Women's Business Bootcamp
is a way to polish each aspect so that it
may shine with brilliance."



  • An Intimate Group of Women Business Owners 

  • Fourteen (14) Weeks

  • US/Europe Section: January 27 thru April 27, 2016 -- Wednesday's 10:30-12:00pm PST

  • US/Asia Pacific Section: February 4 thru May 6, 2016 -- Friday's 5:00-6:30pm PST

  • Two (2) Private Coaching Sessions, at the beginning and end of the program

  • Bonus Book: "Getting to Work: Removing Barriers, Revealing Blessings & Making Your Meaningful Contribution At Last"

  • Private Facebook Group 

  • Your Investment: $1295


You will receive: 


  • The Playbook: You will complete this program with a fully functioning business plan that encompasses all facets of your business and acts as a living, breathing document with which each day, week and month reflects your mission and purpose; uniting head, heart and hands at last. 


  • The Support:  You will be working with a community of serious and skilled business owners through 14 weeks, via weekly group coaching sessions + a private Facebook page -- this equals an amazing opportunity for your growth, learning and expansion.


  • The Learning: Learn how to run your business like a business, and take it to the next level.


  • The Success: Participants have reported to "turn pro", hit financial goals early, and feel like they've come out of business stagnation into a clarity of purpose and profitability. 

This is for you if:


  1. You are committed to your work.

  2. You are ready to create your way of expressing through your business. 

  3. You have no attachment to “looking good”.

  4. You enjoy playing full out!

Yes. This is for me.

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The 12-Key Facets of the Playbook:


  • Facet #1: Inspiration  

  • Facet #2: Ideal Client

  • Facet #3: Useful Service / Product

  • Facet #4: Delivery Method

  • Facet #5: Client Relationships

  • Facet #6: Revenue Stream

  • Facet #7: Key Resources

  • Facet #8: Key Activities

  • Facet #9: Key Partnerships

  • Facet #10: Cost Structure

  • Facet #11: Key Insights & Intentions for Your Business

  • Facet #12: A Prayer for Your Practice

What people are saying:

"The Business Bootcamp has given me the strength to elevate my business to the next level. As a business professional I know my strengths are as a practitioner, and not in the "running the business" part. I knew I had some missing pieces to the puzzle of my practice. By diving deep into Alex's Bootcamp, she gently guided me to open the doors to places where I didn't want to look, mostly about finances and my relationship with money. As I am completing this comprehensive 14 week program, I had the confidence and preparation to speak with my business banker about my current financial status and growth projections in the future." – Life & Business Coach
"I was stagnant. Now I feel like I'm on the other side. The Bootcamp makes so much sense. Thank you." – Business Coach
"With Bootcamp, I feel that I'm well on my way." – Photographer
"Alex's gift for this kind of work is impressive!" – Green Building Consultant
“Working with Alex as my coach for the past year has allowed me to step forward into my professional self and expand my coaching practice to levels I had only dreamed about.  Her keen and wise intuition is always spot on, and yet her gentle way of being has allowed me to find my deepest truths inside myself. Thank you Alex!” – Business Coach
“The single most important change that has occurred after experiencing a year of coaching with Alex is, I like myself better. Safe to even say, I love myself.” – Energy Healer
“Working with Alex for the past 5 months has been a wonderful blessing. If there was a quote I would attribute to working with Alex it would be... “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!” – Life Coach
“Without this work, I am sure I would not have moved forward. She worked with me to re-connect with myself, take steps to fulfill my needs before fulfilling others and become a better communicator both inside and out. I am forever grateful.” – ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Graphic Artist
“Thank you, Alex for the beautiful course of "Spiritual Economics". It was eye-opening, humbling, and uplifting to know that there is so much to learn, grow and love in my coaching work. I came away with new ideas, insights, breathing in a worthiness with a "yes, I can" way of being as my coaching practice grows on all levels: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. AND, I stopped worrying so much about the money that was coming in and more about the excitement of the work itself, thanks to you....your support and inspiration will live in my heart forever.”– ​​Women's Empowerment Coach 
Questions & Answers:
Is this group only for entrepreneurs?
This group is for women who have a business and want to see it uplevel through conscious stewardship, and a desire to express their joy. If you are a woman business owner who wants to create a purpose, profit and peace of mind, this is for you. 
What is the difference between group coaching and one-on-one coaching?
Group coaching allows for the group to learn from each other in the intimacy of a small community. Each week we will have specific material we are reviewing and I will coach those of you who wish to be coached. The rest of the group will hold a sacred space for you while this is happening. You might receive everything you need from someone else’s share. This group coaching program includes two (2) Private Coaching sessions with me. One-on-one coaching is much different: laser focused and tailor made for you. You and me…and how you are in relationship to your business. You will have the opportunity to experience both types of coaching in this program.
What happens if I can’t make it to a call?
Great question! The program is an investment in you, as such I suggest making it a sacred priority. However, I know that emergencies do happen. If this is the case, we will be recording our calls for you to listen to if you have to miss a session.
Why do you have these sessions weekly? Why not bi-weekly?
This is a bootcamp. Carpe Diem!
"Yep, I'm ready."

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