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C. Wauters, PhD

Head of Manufacturing


I greatly appreciate Alex’s guidance on developing a very personal and authentic leadership style.


She has a unique approach to coaching that provides a complimentary perspective.


Alex joined me in multiple settings (team meetings and presentations to Senior Executives) and the feedback she provided was invaluable.

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E. Mesa, Univision

VP Media Planning & 

Multiplatform Strategy 

As I try to sum up what my coaching journey with Alex has been, the word inner peace came to mind. Alex came to me at a time when my career was in a rocket ship trajectory crossing over from mid-level leadership into executive leadership. 

Moving so quickly one tends to forget that it is in the slowing down when BIG CREATIVE IDEAS and INNOVATION is found. Alex knows how to precisely lean into a feeling, a word, and dissect the root cause giving you a new perspective that always leaves me reflecting and growing within every session. 


Alex has provided me with guidance, resources, and application techniques that go beyond our coaching and I will take with me for the rest of my life.


Alex is part cheerleader, truth teller and guide to unlock your true potential.


Y. Baez, VP Business Development

My professional (and personal)  journey was forever changed when I met Alex Cary.  I had always had an inkling for my life’s purpose (both professionally and personally) and Alex allowed me to see it with much greater clarity that I could have on my own.   


Through Alex’s coaching, I am so clear on my purpose and the path I will take to bring it to fruition.  Our personal sessions, recommended reading and ability to make me dig deeper to come into the greatest version of myself through self-compassion and reflection have inspired me to reassess my path to financial prosperity and self-fulfillment.   


I am much closer to being my authentic self and understanding what that looks and feel like – Alex was able to unleash the inspiration that lie dormant while I was busying myself with my career. I am forever grateful for Alex’s guidance, inspiration and motivation.


"When I first reached out to Alex I was not in a good place.  Even though I had a successful career, I was making good money, I had an amazing wife, and an objectively comfortable life, something was missing - I just wasn't happy.  It seemed as if the more money I made, the more miserable I became.  Yet, at the time, all I could think about was trying to make as much money as possible as if somehow that was the solution to all my problems. I remember when I first reached out to her I was depressed, extremely stressed, and overwhelmed.  

Alex is an extremely good listener.  Moreover, she is extremely genuine, authentic, and very good at what she does.  Getting coaching from Alex really helped give me a different perspective on various issues in my life.  She helped me become more aware and understanding of the multitude of issues I was dealing with.  Furthermore, Alex provided me multiple tools to effectively deal with both personal and professional issues that kept popping up.  Today, even though we are living through remarkable uncertain times with the global covid-19 pandemic, I feel at peace and I feel like I am in a much better place than I was when I first reached out to her.  I honestly don't think I would be feeling like this especially at this time, without her coaching.  I am forever grateful for her."

  --  Stephen, Attorney 

"Working with Alex has opened new pathways for my life's gift to express itself in my business. I am blessed to have met her at this time in my life. She has supported me to create a foundation for my work that now supports me in ways I only dreamed of." 

– Briana Cavion, Business Owner, Whole Life

​​“Thank you, Alex for the beautiful course in "Women & Money". It was eye-opening, humbling, and uplifting to know that there is so much to learn, grow and love in my work. I came away with new ideas, insights, breathing in a worthiness with a "yes, I can" way of being as my practice grows on all levels. Your support and inspiration will live with me forever.”

– Jennifer Schwartz​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, Business Owner, The Evolving Woman

"Working with Alex as my coach for the past year has allowed me to step forward into my professional self and expand my practice to levels I had only dreamed about. Her keen and wise intuition is always spot on, and yet her gentle way of being has allowed me to find my deepest truths inside myself. Thank you Alex!"

– Chris Hazen-Molina, CEO, Heartfelt Workforce LLC 


"Alex is a very gifted business and life coach who cares deeply about her work and clients. She is uniquely able to meet clients "where they are at" and deliver a transformative experience in which people change and grow." 

– Lisa Vuskovic, Human Factors Research, Google

“Without Alex, I am sure I would not have moved forward with my life. She worked with me to re-connect with myself, take steps to fulfill my needs before fulfilling others and become a better communicator both inside and out. I am forever grateful.”

– Beatriz Americo​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, Manager of Graphic Arts, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

"Alex's gift for this kind of work is impressive!"

– Candice Kollar, Business Owner, Green Building Consultant