Are you ready to create purpose, profit
and peace-of-mind?  
  • Do you stress about money, frequently worrying that you won’t have enough?
  • Are you anxious about when the next client or project will come?


  • Do you find yourself striving to provide a great service but never quite feeling proud of what you’ve accomplished?


  • Do you desire a fresh and renewed relationship with money, time and yourself but find that it alludes you?


  • Do you feel like things will get better in the future, but are yet to have a real plan for how this will happen?
If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the questions above, this group coaching opportunity may be for you.
  • Do you want to stand in your brilliance and share your gifts with the rest of us?
  • Are you prepared to shift both your inner and outer experience of life?
  • Do you want to tap into the wellspring of purpose, profit and peace-of-mind that is YOU?
Then join me, along with five other powerful, action-prone, risk-taking, hearts-a-glowing, spiritually-minded solopreneurs who are also claiming their creative powers to make manifest the wealth, health, peace and richness they desire.
"...there is no such thing as a purely financial problem unrelated to false attitudes and emotions which caused it or a healthy attitude or emotion which can cure it."
- Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics
Group Coaching Details:
  • powerful women
  • powerful weeks
  • PLUS: A one-on-one "deep" Coaching Session 
  • PLUS: Bonus audios, materials and resources to deepen in your learning
  • Aug 20th - Sept 24th @ 10:30-12:00pm PST
  • Your Investment = $197
Please note, this introductory price will not be offered again. If you feel moved to make a change, now is the time.
About your Coach:
Alex Cary is a certified Soul-Centered Professional Coach with a Masters in Spiritual Psychology. She has over a decade’s worth experience as an internationally established interior designer, operating her own firms in San Francisco & Hong Kong, servicing clients from Switzerland to Hollywood.
She now coaches and consults successful solopreneurs to tap into their innate wisdom and reveal the wealth, health and joy they were born to share.
What is Spiritual Economics? Why it's a love story.
Several years ago, while living in Hong Kong, I went to dinner with some new friends. Fancy restaurant, fabulous meal, friendly atmosphere – until the bill came. Gulp…group consensus decided that we’d all split the bill.
With a banker on my right and a lawyer on my left, this didn’t seem to be an issue for my new friends – but for this solopreneur, it was. You see, I’d been ordering off the menu within my budget, attempting to be a good steward of my resources... but when my bill came to $120, it felt like friendship wasn’t the only thing at stake.
It all seems so logical now, just tell them I planned to pay for what I ordered. Instead, I didn’t say anything. I placed my credit card down, said my goodbyes and walked home feeling sick to my stomach.
It took me several years to see what was really operating: my shame, my fear, my ego. And while this is a personal story, I see now that my deepest unconscious feelings about myself had also been determining how I related to my business -- clients, vendors, employees and self.
Shame, fear and ego-run-amok...
Shame had me thinking, “I should have more money. How embarrassing. I must be doing something wrong. If I were doing life “right” I’d be able to afford whatever I want.”
Fear (of vulnerability) had me feeling, “I can’t be myself with these people because they’ll judge me for not doing life right. I can’t reveal what an idiot I am, that I don’t know how to do life.”
Ego had me believing, “My value as a person is directly related to the amount of money I have in the bank…it’s right there in writing!” In other words, “I am my money.” Insert “I am my car, house, beautiful wife, successful husband, talented kid...” for full effect. Needless to say, "ouch".
Choosing Love...
Then I received my training in Spiritual Psychology, a study of the whole self or “Authentic Self” as I’ve come to know it. I’ve discovered that my Authentic Self shines love, light, wisdom and compassion like a beacon – always.
And yet I’m always at choice.
I'm glad to say, I chose Love. It was through a courageous look inside that I saw the self-judgment, limiting beliefs and erroneous ways of viewing the world that imprisoned me. And with the allowance of self-love, I was able to see the deeper truth available to me (and claim it!).
The truth is: my way of being is one of integrity and heart.
I acknowledge myself for my endless creativity and courageous pursuit of entrepreneurial endeavors. I’m grateful for my life experiences, as they’ve led me to greater self-discovery, inner richness and heart-expansion. Bottom line, I accept, appreciate and honor myself just as I am, and for this...
I'm wealthy beyond measure.
It is from this place that I invite you to a transformational group coaching experience designed to:  
  • Improve your relationship with money, and open the door to greater self-acceptance, heart-felt appreciation and inspired action
  • Identify where your money pitfalls lie and discover ways to resolve them
  • Clarify and enact a prosperity plan that will take you where you want to go
  • Learn to delight in self-nurturing and receive with an open heart
  • Create the time and money you need and begin living in your natural state of flow
This group coaching opportunity will fill up, and not be offered at this low introductory rate again. If you know this is for you, sign up now and save your seat (and money).
Here's what people are saying...
"Working with Alex as my coach the past nine months has allowed me to step forward into my professional self and expand my coaching practice to levels I only dreamed about before.  Her keen and wise intuition is always spot on, and yet her gentle way of being has allowed me to find my deepest truths inside myself. Thank you Alex!" – Christine M.
“The single most important change that has occurred after experiencing a year of coaching with Alex is, I like myself better. Safe to even say, I love myself.” 
– Lisa S.
“Working with Alex for the past 5 months has been a wonderful blessing. If there was a quote I would attribute to working with (her) it would be… “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”.” 
– Birgitte S.
"Without Alex, I am sure I would not have moved forward with my life. She worked with me to re-connect with myself, take steps to fulfill my needs before fulfilling others and become a better communicator both inside and out. I am forever grateful.”
– Beatriz A.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Questions & Answers:

Is this group only for solopreneurs?
This group is for women who have a career and life that they want to enhance. You are the CEO of your Life, whether you run your own company or work for another. This group is for women who want to create a purposeful and profitable career all while experiencing a peace-filled mind.


Why are you only offering this group to 6 women?

When I coach groups I truly want the experience to be intimate and to create a safe and sacred environment. This is the perfect number of women to create this experience.


I work in the corporate world and I can’t leave my office for a session somewhere else. How can I participate in this group coaching experience?
Great question! All our sessions are on conference calls, so you can call in from anywhere you are, either at work or home. You can actually be anywhere in the world and still call in! I only ask that you find an undisturbed place for yourself during these calls. The calls required 100% of your focused attention.


What is the difference between group coaching and one-on-one coaching?
Group coaching allows for the group to learn from each other in the intimacy of a small community. Each week we will have a specific topic we are reviewing and I will coach those of you who wish to be coached. The rest of the group will hold a sacred space for you while this is happening. You might receive everything you need from someone else’s share. This group coaching package includes One (1) Private Coaching session with me. One-on-one coaching is much different and is tailor made for you. It is you and me……and the agenda is your life. You will have the opportunity to experience both types of coaching in this program.


What happens if I can’t make it to a call?
Great question! The program is an investment in you and I would suggest that you make this sacred time just for you. For those of you who have “quit” on yourself in the past or give others priority in your life, this is excellent practice in making you a sacred priority. However, I know that emergencies do happen. If this is the case, we will be recording our calls for you to listen to if you have to miss a session.


Why do you have these sessions weekly? Why not bi-weekly or monthly?
I choose to coach my groups weekly to keep the energy of the material present in your life and consciousness. This also builds the discipline around your commitment to yourself and strengthening your self-mastery. The energy can get diminished or lost if there is too much time between sessions. This is how I choose to create the strength and integrity of this sacred group.

Awaken to the abundance that already Is.
Meet each day with a sense of ease, knowing your purpose, ensuring your profitability and enjoying the peace of mind that comes with living in alignment with your Authentic Self.
I look forward to working with you!